These Multicolored Geometric Lines Are Not What You Think

Image: Bruxelles5

They could be canvases adorning the walls of the Louvre or New York’s MOMA, their vibrant blocks of primary colors perhaps bringing to mind Piet Mondrian’s famous Tableau sequence. However, rather amazingly, this is in fact no selection of man-made avant garde art but, instead, some stunning visions of nature from above. More precisely, they are fields of tulips in the Netherlands grown in a way that turns them into something as spectacular as virtually anything to be found in museums around the world.

Image: Curtis Hilbun

In fact, these awe-inspiring fields of flowers somewhat bring to mind works of abstract art – the prevailing artistic movement of the 1900s and an area in which Mondrian is a notable name. Indeed, the rigid lines, bright hues and grassy fields on display here bear more than a passing resemblance to the lines and blocks of color seen in many of Mondrian’s self-styled “Neo-Plasticism” works.