S and M Tattooed Sphynx Cats

S and M Tattooed Sphynx Cats

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    A baby Sphynx is so ugly that it’s cute. Also known as the pedigree Canadian Hairless, this Sphynx kitten is 2 weeks old. Although they appear to be hairless, Sphynx kittens have very fine, short hair that feels like peach fuzz. Their skin is the color that their furry coat would have been, if they had a pelt.

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    Sphynx Care

    Sphynx owners often dress their cat to help keep it warm and healthy. This breed also needs to be bathed to remain clean. Like a parent might assist their child in putting on a temporary tattoo, some Sphynx owners frequently tattoo their cat.

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    Scandal or Sexy?

    And then there are the Russian Sphynx breeds with more extreme tattoos and fashions like those seen here.

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    Tattooed Sphynx

    A sadomasochist and inked Sphynx makes for a bizarre photo. However, most of these featured Sphynx cat photos involve fake tattoos, the kind that are applied with water and light pressure.

  • Image: Zwamneus phombo

    S&M Sphynx in leather and tattooed

    Other photos are of Sphynx cats which are permanently tattooed. Can you tell the difference?

  • Image: swapmeetdave

    Tattooed Sphynx Minus Leather Accessories

    The cat in the previous photo has another fake tattoo. This photo features a permanently inked Sphynx.

  • Image: Zwamneus phombo

    Tattooed Sphynx with piercing

    The choice of fish being tattooed on the cat seems as strange as the owner having the cat tattooed in the first place.

  • Image: Zwamneus phombo

    Were These Fashions Chosen to Keep Cats Warm?

    As mentioned previously, it is common practice for Sphynx cat owners to dress their little darlings in order to keep them warm and healthy.

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    Hot momma cat

    But Mistress Bad Ass Cat? The choice of S&M fashion to keep the cats toasty seem ludicrous, yet humorous.

  • Image: Zwamneus phombo

    Here’s a masked kitten.

  • Image: Zwamneus phombo

    Another S&M Cat.

  • Image: balkanpix.com

    Mistress Bad Ass Cat

  • Image: funreport

    Russian Tattooing Sphynx Started Scandal

    It’s all the rage, in Russia, if you own a Sphynx to have it tattooed. But this photo started a scandal as it spread online.

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    Tattooed Sphynx with Tattooed Owner

    It is unclear if PETA knows, but here is a video of the infamous cat tattoo parlor.

  • Image: peacehall

    Tattooed Sphynx with tattooed owner

    This is the same cat from the previous picture and video. It seems perfectly happy with its matching tattooed owner. Oh wait, perhaps the hairless cat’s expression is seriously ticked as it contemplates killing its owner?

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