The Solar Powered Cascade Fountain

Solar Powered Cascade FountainPhoto: Amazon

Interested in making your garden greener than ever before with a bit more beauty on the side? Then you might just want to check out this sexy little thing. This watery thing is the Cascade Fountain, and the beauty of it is the fact that it is powered by solar energy – no longer shall you worry about the expense of wiring and the ever rising electricity bill.

The Solar Powered Cascade Fountain features a glazed natural terracotta four-tier cascading solar fountain. The solar panel has an extra long, 16 ft. cable so you can place your panel where the sun is and the fountain where you want. Easy to setup! Simply place the integral German-made RWE silicon solar panel in direct sunlight (the multi-fixing holder allows for adjustability). Put the fountain anywhere you want, even in the shade, because the solar panel works up to 16′ away. The low-voltage water pump with filter constantly recycles the water. You can also use this fountain indoors with the AC adapter.

Solar FountainPhoto: Simply Fountains

Whatever kind of garden you have at home, the Solar Powered Cascade Fountain should fit in just fine, not only does it give you a greener garden, but one that is most pleasing to the eyes. Imagine the look on the face of the nosy neighbor next door when you pop out this thing, the gentle sound of trickling water, the cool summer breeze and birds chirping in the distance…… Complete peace for you, total grievance and pain for your neighbor, you win.

If you so wish, you can swipe this bad boy from Amazon for the cool price of $129.99; this might end up being the best piece of equipment you’ve ever bought for your gardening pleasure. So tell me, do you have a garden somewhere? What is it like.

Blue solar fountainPhoto: Supply Stone