Surfer Dogs!

  • Who would have thought that fun in the surf applied to dogs too? Well it does and these images are the proof.

    Guido here is simply amazing as he has hearing and vision problems as well.

  • All these dogs are competing for the crown in a competition in San Diego. I can say one thing, each and every one surfs better than I do!

  • This was the 4th Annual Loews Coronado Bay Surf Dog Competition held at Imperial Beach. There were categories for the under 40lbs, over 40lbs and human/dog tandems. The competition is for charity and raised $15,000.

    This cool dude looks like an old hippie still enjoying his shades, long hair and surfing albeit a tad overweight! Riding the wave perfectly, he comes in for landing.

  • Each dog is scored on catching his top two waves in 10 minutes and “confidence level, length of ride and overall ability to ‘grip it and rip it’.”

  • The photographer thinks that this lovely is the one cross-dresser in the competition and it’s good to see that there is no discrimination. She is the perfect surfer on her board that is sized to her.

  • Thousands came out to watch the competition and cheered them on, whether they fell or not! Does he understand he is meant to be on TOP of the board, not underneath it?

  • The equipment needed for surfing dogs is a little different than that for humans. The most important thing is to get them a Pet Floatation Device (PFD) otherwise known as a lifevest. They are made for different styles and sizes of dogs and are needed out in the swells of the ocean.

  • The board itself should be a soft top board rather than fiber glass or epoxy that humans prefer. They are the best for learning kids and dogs alike. In fact, in most competitions they only allow a soft top board.

    This tiny dog looks like he is having the time of his life on his small board, suited up in his life jacket that is a little jarring against the bright yellow. He is riding that swell like the expert he is.

  • Another thing to look at is traction treads to add to the top of the board so the dog’s pads don’t slip off.

  • “Nope, if daddy won’t stay then I won’t play”. In all seriousness, the golden retriever won the competition.

  • The whole point is for your pet to have loads of fun, not wipe out every time he tries to stand up; just like when a daddy lets go of the bike as his daughter learns to ride.

  • What a macho man. He comes in for a picture perfect landing and has the stance just perfect to stay steady.

  • As you will see later, Nani is a multi talented Bernese mountain dog. Wearing a gorgeous bathing suit, she is the belle of the ball… or surf. The bathing suit disguises her life vest as safety is always paramount for her. She also is an extra on the film Marmaduke.

  • Riding the edge of the board, it looks like she is on the front of a dog-sized yacht. This is Zoe and she and her family won the top prize in the tandem dog and human event!

  • Tall and leggy, this dog hardly looks like she got wet as she comes in from her ride. Her matching board and leash show she has an owner with taste as well.

  • Woohoo! If dogs could talk, he would be saying “Can we do it again?” Prepared with his life vest, he is ready to take on the bigger waves.

  • Four dogs on a board tips you over, but good try guys! This is for the tandem competition (either two or more dogs or a dog and human/s) but it looks like these ones may not win.

  • Who said we couldn’t do it! We showed them. They didn’t win the gold but the one in front won with his family.

    Dogs seem to take to surfing like ducks to water, a great time had by all but best of all the recipients of the $15,000 raised for charity.

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Michele Collet
Michele Collet
Scribol Staff