The Macabre Art of Dimitri Tsykalov

  • It’s amazing what one can do with nude models (of ordinary people) and uncooked meat being slathered onto their bodies. One wonders if these people vow to never eat meat again or are just fighting tough economic times and this was the only job they could get. Either way, I would take many baths after modeling raw meat!

  • Dimitri Tsykalov is a Russian sculptor who uses food to send environmental messages like inhumane animal treatment, food waste and world hunger. He lives in Nogent-sur-Marne outside of Paris, France. His first solo exhibition was in Ireland in September 2004. He raises questions about health, the body and about life and death.He is quoted as saying: “My art is contrary to the brutality of modern images.”

  • Artist Dimitri Tsykalov also sculpts with earth and wood to make people who have been numbed by exposure to the human body reconsider its consequence and meaning. One can’t escape the murderer, the raw hate or indifference we all encompass inside of ourselves when we bear witness to Dimitri Tsykalov’s art pieces.

  • What sets this artist and many of us apart from the criminal is that we have self control over our carnal thoughts – or we make a thing of beauty out of the disgusting state the world has become.

  • Tsykalov’s work is reminiscent of another artist, Daikichi Amano, who is an animal rights activist as well. Waste not, want not, is a rule he lives by – see for yourself. One can see more of Daikichi Amano and his works of art here.

  • The raw sexuality of Dimitri’s works of art forces the viewer to contemplate the relationship between the murderer and the slaughtered, the shooter and the prey, and the weapon and the target.

  • These certainly aren’t the art pieces you’d see in some quaint bed-and-breakfast in the country!

  • Dimitri doesn’t pass up rotting food – it is a part of his campaign against food waste. Here and in the next few images, he makes graphic and gruesome images out of unwanted and rotting fruit.

  • Chances are that after reading this article, you will never see a piece of fruit, a naked person or a piece of meat in the same way again!

  • A special thanks goes to Spooky of Oddity Central and to Sheryl Zhong for allowing me to use these images from their blog sites.

Asher Kade
Asher Kade
Scribol Staff