The Smallest Monkeys in the World

The Smallest Monkeys in the World

  • Image: Image from Frösö Zoo via DRB

    If you’re a sucker for cute furry animals then you’ll be in for a treat over at Dark Roasted Blend, who this week have collated a spread of some of the not-so-well-known primates of the planet.

  • Image: Image from Frösö Zoo via National Geographic

    Rare Albino Pygmy Marmoset Twins

    The “Aww” inducing list includes the titchy thumb-sized pygmy marmoset monkey, named after the French word marmouset, which means shrimp, or dwarf, “They range in length from 5 to 6 inches not including the tail, which is an amazing 6 to 8 inches,” say DRB.

  • Image: Helenabella

    Pygmy Marmoset, Perth Zoo

    There are 18 recorded species of marmoset and, unlike other monkeys they have claws rather than nails, tactile hairs on their wrists and lack wisdom teeth, making them slightly more primitive than other monkeys.

  • Image: Tambako the Jaguar

    Adult pygmy marmoset at Wilhelm Zoo in Stuttgart, Germany.

    Pygmy marmosets are found in the rainforests of Brazil, Ecuador, Peru and Columbia. They live in the upper canopy of the forest, no doubt to steer clear of bigger, heavier predators, and survive on an omnivorous diet of fruit, leaves, insects, small reptiles and their favorite nibble, tree sap.

  • Image: Image via Davidson College

    Adult Marmoset Monkey

    Specialized incisors enable the marmoset to gnaw through even the toughest tree bark, allowing easy access to their favorite gummy fluid.

    Living in groups of two to six, usually consisting of a breeding pair plus their offspring, marmoset families are fiercely territorial often defending an area of up to 100 acres – that’s a lot of rainforest for the midget mammals.

  • Image: Nicholas Doumani

    Adult pygmy marmoset

    Don’t expect to see them in the wild though; they’re nippy little blighters and move like lighting through the trees, so you’ll have to make do with these sweet pics instead.

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