Man Trapped in Labyrinth of Garbage Tunnels Dies


rubbish in housePhoto:
Image via The Sun

Those with cleanliness OCD and claustrophobia should click away now.

This week, an eccentric British man, named Gordon Stewart, was found dead within a labyrinth of tunnels in his own home. It’s not that he lived in a mansion and therefore needed the tunnel system to get from room to room, far from it. He lived in a normal two-storey house, with mountains, and mountains, and mountains of garbage he’d collected over a 10 year period. Each room was crammed with carrier bags, boxes, old furniture and any other junk the obsessive hoarder could get his grubby hands on.

The 74-year-old was often seen riding his bike around the locale and although he was a bit of a reclusive, he was recognized by neighbours. It was only when local residents realized they hadn’t seem him for several days that they contacted the police.

A concerned neighbor said Mr Stewart often “came home with a load of cardboard boxes and lived in his own world.”

When the police finally gained entrance to the seething rubbish pit they discovered an intricate web of tunnels throughout the interior of the house. They claimed the smell was so unbearable that a specialist retrieval team with breathing apparatus had to be called in to get the body out. It’s thought the man became disorientated and couldn’t find his way out of the rotting maze.

The Sun online has a few images of the house, both outside and in.

Source Telegraph