Recycling: Living Green Day to Day

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Effectively preserving the planet from climate change and environmental destruction requires changes that encompass every aspect of our lives. These changes include carbon offsetting and recycling as well as a reduction in the amount of disposable resources consumed. Only by incorporating all of these changes together can any true difference be made, as no other alternative is viable.

Living green is not a passing fad, it is a vital component to the fight against climate change and it has a great potential for saving the planet from the already large amount of pollution created. Recycling on a day to day basis in both home life and in the office can have a large impact by lowering the amount of consumer waste created.

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Recycling on a business and on an industrial level, combined with carbon offsetting and day to day recycling, can have a very large effect on the amount of waste and pollution created. If these changes take place it is possible to greatly slow the amount of climate change that occurs. This creates a situation in which greater change can take place while still offsetting even more.