10 Aging Actors Who Played Teenagers In Movies


Image: YouTube/TrailersPlaygroundHD

It’s a rarity for sure, but for most of us, at some point in our mid-twenties, there will come a time when we’re asked for ID at a bar. And after the initial self-righteous rage, the urge to suddenly shower the bartender with chocolates or roses for flattering you becomes overwhelming. It’s a sure mark of a quarter-life crisis, but for one evening you sense that all is right with the world.

Now consider: if that’s how one can feel after a generic question from an underpaid taberneiro, imagine the rapturous joy that must exude from your every pore if you are not simply presumed to be younger than you are, but are actively employed to represent someone far more youthful – and on the silver screen, no less. It’s a feeling few of us will ever enjoy, but in Hollywood, these things happen all the time. With this in mind, we’d like to present you with our list of the top ten cantankerous old guys and gals who played young guns in movies.

Image: YouTube/AdsNTrailers

10. Tom Welling – Cheaper By The Dozen (17/26)

Everyone hates a cheesy modern remake of an old classic – and throwing Steve Martin into the mix doesn’t exactly help. Still, that didn’t stop 20th Century Fox from remaking Cheaper by the Dozen in 2003. The generic movie depicts a family of – you guessed it – 12 kids and their squeaky parents, who have to negotiate their way around an awkward move to a new town. Smallville teen heartthrob Tom Welling plays 17-year-old eldest son Charlie Baker, who, you are reliably informed, is struggling with life in a new town miles apart from his beloved girlfriend. Still, given that he was actually a fully-fledged, 26-year-old member of the adult community when the movie came out, we’re sure he found a way to cope. Amusingly, Welling was 28 when he played 19-year-old Charlie Baker again in the awful 2005 sequel, which was titled, with faultless logic, Cheaper by the Dozen 2.


Image: YouTube/lamortparfaite

9. Rose McIver – The Lovely Bones (13/21)

Up there on the world list of books people read on vacation, The Lovely Bones is kind of like 50 Shades Of Grey, just not quite as intended to excite your mom when she’s reading it at the beach. Peter Jackson made a moist-eyed screen adaptation of the book in 2009 and chose to cast then unknown Kiwi actress Rose McIver as Lindsey Salmon, the younger sister of murdered Susie Salmon, who goes on to find a bunch of evidence and kind of solve the crime… “Spoiler alert!” Younger sister/hotshot detective Lindsey was supposed to be 13 in the movie, but that didn’t stop baby-faced 21-year-old McIver from playing her part in garnering the half-ton of award nominations the movie received.