25 Most Epically Creative Photos of People Acting Up With Statues


baseball manga statues hits woman for homerun
Image: via Tokyo Desu

What is it about posing for photos with statues that turns people into grinning teenagers staging hilariously suggestive jokes for the cameras? Bypassing indecent sexual acts performed on unwitting Ronald McDonald statues and unsuspecting historical figures forced to grope passing tourists, here are the 25 most creatively hilarious photos of people interacting with statues we could find – kicking off with this super-committed pose snapped in Niigata, Japan.

Seward Johnson's cheeky police officer
Image: via eNews

The Long Arm of the Law

This woman clearly has a thing for men in uniform. The cheeky statue was created by U.S. artist Seward Johnson and was installed in Carmel, Indiana in 2013 as part of Johnson’s “Man on the Street” series.


spider-man gets choked by a gold statue
Image: via baddogneedsrottenhome.com

My Spidey Sense is Tingling

Spider-Man finally met his match when a freak accident at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York involving a stick of plutonium and a security guard birthed new villain Gold-Man.