20 Shocking Chuck Norris Facts That Have Definitely Been Scientifically Proven

Image: Cannon Films via Republic Buzz
Image: via Republic Buzz

Whether you know him from Walker, Texas Ranger or his explosive martial arts career, Chuck Norris is the badass you don’t want to cross in a fight. In fact, his toughness is so intense that even the gods themselves bow down in his wake. Don’t believe us? Just take a look at these 20 totally, 100 percent scientifically proven facts that prove just how omnipotent the living legend really is.

Image: YouTube/Cannon Films via Movieclips Trailer Vault/ Krafft Angerer/Stringer/Getty Images
Image: YouTube/Movieclips Trailer Vault / Krafft Angerer/Getty Images

20. Forget evolution: creatures have survived today because Chuck Norris let them live

While many theologians and scientists argue over the merits of Creationism and Darwinism, both camps are sadly wrong. Indeed, the only theory of evolution that exists is the list of creatures Norris decides not to roundhouse into oblivion. Some even say that the woolly mammoth met its end after it looked at the actor the wrong way in a bar.


Image: Jason Merritt/Staff/Getty Images/ Wikimedia Commons
Image: Jason Merritt/Getty Images /United States Government

19. We have Norris to thank for Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore may stand as a tribute to America’s greatest presidents, but it was only possible thanks to Chuck Norris. According to eyewitnesses, Norris sneaked to the Black Hills mountain range in the dead of night armed only with a bottle opener and a drywall trowel. By the morning, he returned – after the famous monument had been carved into the rock and the opener reduced to a nub.