20 Shocking Chuck Norris Facts That Have Definitely Been Scientifically Proven

Image: Jeff Golden/Staff/Getty Images/ Wikimedia Commons
Image: Jeff Golden/Getty Images / Dag Endresen

18. And yes, he proved Rome can actually be built in a day

Besides being a skilled actor and martial artist, Norris is also an incredibly accomplished mason. To wit, the star actually laid the foundations of what would become the ancient city of Rome – including the Colosseum and the Pantheon. And so contrary to popular belief, Norris did indeed build the city in one day. In fact, he would have finished earlier had he not stopped to trim his beard.

Image: Jeff Golden/Staff/Getty Images
Image: Jeff Golden/Getty Images

17. Norris wears shades so that his gaze won’t destroy the sun

Eagle-eyed fans may notice that Chuck Norris is rarely seen in public without shades. This is because the actor’s ultraviolet gaze is so intense it has the power to make our sun go supernova. To this end, an official from NASA follows Norris everywhere he goes to make sure his eyes are only unsheathed during photo opportunities and optometrist appointments.


Image: Darren McCollester/Stringer/Getty Images
Image: Darren McCollester/Getty Images

16. If you think he’s sleeping, you’re wrong. He’s merely lying in wait

While Chuck Norris’ home comes equipped with a bed, the actor has no need for such frivolities. Due to the immense energy running through his body, Norris doesn’t need sleep and only pretends to do so to make mere mortals comfortable in his presence. During the night, in fact, the star regularly assumes a defensive position – to counter any potential surprise attacks.