20 Silly Cases Of People Seeing Faces In Everyday Places

Image: Reddit/rose_rose
Image: reddit/rose_rose

18. This terrified razor

This razor has seen things. Possibly unspeakable things. After all, that’s not the face of someone, or something, that’s never experienced any emotional scarring. Indeed, we can only imagine the depths it’s had to delve to in pursuit of hair removal.

Image: Imgur/syuk
Image: imgur/syuk

17. This upturned bathtub

This poor bathtub looks totally dismayed with its current predicament. And you can’t really blame it: like a turtle stranded on its back, it has no way of righting itself again. In fact, we’ve never seen a more appropriate instance of pareidolia.


Image: Imgur
Image: imgur

16. This worried faucet

There’s no surprise this faucet looks so apprehensive. Just think of all the horrible hands he has to clean every day. Indeed, there are some things better left unspoken, and we reckon this poor chap’s got a whole library of them.