15 Aww-Inspiring Photos of Cats in Hats

15 Aww-Inspiring Photos of Cats in Hats

  • Image: Renata Souza

    The Cat in the Hat may be fictional, but more than a few cat owners have taken his lead and put their real-life pets in stylish headgear. The results have been captured for posterity in photographs and vary from the delightfully cute to the hilariously comical. Here’s a selection of felines sporting different kinds of hats. The bright red cap really brings out the blue in this cutie’s eyes, don’t you think?

  • Image: Svetlana Serdiukova

    According to photographer Svetlana Serdiukova, ginger cat Tima is posed as a “lonely shepherd” in this photograph. With a straw hat and an artfully placed blade of grass, Tima certainly looks the part. We’d guess such a handsome kitty wouldn’t be lonely for long, though.

  • Image: Susanne Nilsson

    In this image, Rambo the cat shows us his inner – rather glamorous – cowboy thanks to that fabulous purple hat with a sparkly band. Make no mistake, though – those eyes mean business. And you don’t want to get in the firing line of this feline if he’s anything like his aggressive cinematic namesake.

  • Image: Jocelyn

    Sticking a tiny little hat on a rather generously proportioned cat may be hilarious to us humans, but as you can see, Tommy is not amused. What’s more, to add insult to injury, it’s not even a regular cap but a crocheted lime green monster. How is a proud pussycat to bear the indignity? We think he needs a big hug.

  • Image: © Linncurrie | Dreamstime.com

    Sadly, we don’t know the name of this little sweetie, but we do know that it belongs to the Ragdoll breed. The Ragdoll’s docile nature probably helped the human to put on that pretty floral-decorated straw hat the cat is wearing. With those eyes and that coloring, though, this kitty would look just as beautiful without the head accessory.

  • Image: © Cheryl Davis | Dreamstime.com

    Cats are said by some to be very intelligent, so this blue graduation cap may not be too much of a stretch. On the other hand, the expression on its face is more cranky than intellectually curious and playful. Maybe the photo session was just taking far too long. Still, perhaps it could have cheered itself up by batting that tantalizingly dangling tassel.

  • Image: © Andreshka | Dreamstime.com

    This young cat is just chilling in its blue and white Rasta-style cap, and it looks like a pretty cool character. We’re also taken with the smudge under kitty’s nose that looks a lot like a mustache – or rather, half a ‘stache.

  • Image: Yu-Cheng Hsiao

    Here’s the adorably named Pinky, all dressed up in a multicolored ensemble that catches the eye. Even with the name, we don’t know if Pinky is a boy or girl cat, but what we do know is that the green-eyed kitty is utterly lovable.

  • Image: © Marcia16 | Dreamstime.com

    The life of a cat model can be very tiresome at times. All the internet memes, the YouTube videos, the LOLCat posters… the list goes on and on. It’s enough to drive one to sleep on the job. At least the beanie looks nice and comfy.

  • Image: Red~Star…puppy training

    Don’t be alarmed – our furry friend June isn’t being swallowed headfirst by a giant rodent. That’s just her hat! Pretty cute, don’t you think? We love June’s tiny black nose, too, and wonder how good it is at sniffing out real mice.

  • Image: Robin Zebrowski

    The fantastically named Kilgore Trout (Kurt Vonnegut fans, take note) looks snug as a bug in a rug here in his little knitted cap and curled up on what looks like a duvet. Like other cats, he needs to find warmth to maintain a body temperature of 102 degrees – which makes us humans seem almost cold-blooded by comparison.

  • Image: Nick Harris

    Harley here is one very lucky cat. After all, he possesses not only an ultra-cool name, but also a hat that looks totally bespoke. It comes with ear holes for Harley’s comfort, and the colors, although bright, seem to go well with his black and brown fur.

  • Image: Renata Souza

    Milky is a beautiful cream point Birman, a breed known for having stunning sapphire blue eyes. In this photograph, Milky is wearing a cap with a camouflage-like pattern; although from the rather beseeching look on his face, we’re not sure that he’s 100 percent happy with it.

  • Image: © Fotosmile | Dreamstime.com

    When you’re a gorgeous Persian kitty like this one, looking good is really no effort at all. Just plop on a pretty sunhat and voilà, you’re ready for your close-up. There’s no need to even raise your head.

  • Image: Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue

    Hawkeye the Siamese cat gives us a fierce stare befitting of his stripy tiger cap. However, he’s clearly more feisty than ferocious. By the way, although all these cats are super-cute, we don’t suggest dressing up your pets regularly, as it may make them feel uncomfortable. However, if you must put something on your cat, a hat is probably a pretty safe choice. And don’t forget to take a photo.

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