19 Strange And Unusual Beds For Your Home

  • As writers, we are collectively a very creative and talented bunch of people, aren’t we? Consider for a moment that money was no option and we could create furniture that was not only space conscious and affordable but also environmentally friendly – made of materials that weren’t harmful to humans, the planet and/or were recycled materials. Would you have a bed that looked like a mousetrap – like in the picture above? What if your bed was cut out to fit your unique shape, like the one pictured below?

  • A third of our lives is spent in bed – for some more than others, so why not have a bed that defies gravity? Why not have a bed that is so exclusive, no one else has ever seen the likes of it? The hammock, as seen below, has been around for thousands of years. This hammock, however, is slung between the walls on a series of heavy-duty chains, its double-size assumed for two, but probably would only be comfortable for one adult. Imagine how easy it would be to clean under this bed!

  • Who wants a floating bed? These come cash and carry – literally! Now you can say ‘I have my bed and will travel’. This one collapses into a nifty traveling bed.

  • This bed folds up into the wall.

    Do you think that these will fit in the overhead bin on the airplane or perhaps they would have to be check-in luggage?

  • Here, the legs can be used as side tables.

  • I say, why do kids have to have all the fun with beds that look like something else? That’s not fair! So, Shawn Lovell designed these beds below that will inspire your dreams to take you anywhere.

  • Personally, cradle beds (shown here) and beds that are very juvenile make me envision Michael Jackson – no thank you! These beds do rock or one can put the spacers provided with the bed to prevent this from happening. As a person with severe insomnia and movement-induced nausea, I could not see this working out for me! There’s the issue of my children sleepwalking too, and the cats that partake in our bed. I will thus issue a warning on the cradle bed.

  • This bed makes me laugh. Unless you have only been married under a year, no one sleeps like that or likes their spouse so much that they will enjoy being crammed against them as seen here.

    The more I look at that bed, the more it reminds me of the spaceship that Mork came out of in “Mork and Mindy” (my absolute favorite ’70s sitcom). However, the egg bed above does vibrate and charm you to sleep, all of these technologies come implanted into the bed’s eco-friendly mattress which is permanently affixed to the frame. I can’t imagine the hysterical results if one of my pets or kids urinated on that bed. Would it short out and begin to convulse and do something out of the Exorcist? Would the music make demonic sounds or begin to scream vulgar things in the middle of the night? I vote “no” to this bed.

  • This bed is vulgar and repulsive, if you ask me.

  • Now, contrary to my wife’s belief, I do not have claustrophobia. I have Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD). With that said, I could not sleep in a bed that looks like a mousetrap (pictured here and on top) and looks as if it will snap shut any minute.

  • Plus, my wife has a crazy dog that chews up everything in sight, so the log holding this bed would surely snap shut on someone’s leg, arm, finger, etc.

    Funny thing is that the “bed under the rug” is advertised as a way to get annoying house guests who invite themselves over to not want to stay over again.

  • Here you have a bed that would suit my wife perfectly. You can only sleep in one exact position. Look closely at the design. Yes, it is designed to match one sleeping position and your body shape. This is for the lonely guy who never has a girlfriend or long-term relationship. This is for the guy who lives in his parents’ basement and he’s 45 years old. This is not for the guy who has urinating, destructive dogs, sleepwalking children, cats who must sleep in the bed or for those who have severe insomnia.

  • Remember that “Bad Romance” video of Lady Gaga’s? Of course you do. Now, here’s a bed that reflects the white dome/egg bed that you can only sleep in a fetal position in. I think I would like this, considering that’s my main sleeping position. However, for those ladies who are pregnant, this may not be a comfortable option.

  • Have you ever wished you could take a nap at the office? We all wish we could relive kindergarten. Now, you can have an inflatable bed that is easy to set up in your office. Of course, if you don’t have a big office, only have a cubicle or work like child slaves in a third-world country with minimal breaks, this option may not be for you.

Asher Kade
Asher Kade
Scribol Staff