5 Common Foods that Cause Constipation

5 Common Foods that Cause Constipation

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    Constipation is quite bothersome. Having a feeling of rectal blockage and not passing a stool for more than 24 hours can increase the risk of chronic constipation. Then, it’s time to visit your doctor immediately. Several factors contributing to constipation include lack of exercise, stress, a disrupted routine and taking medication. But above all is making the wrong food choices, plus not drinking enough water. Here is a list of some foods that can cause constipation.

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    1. Red Meat like Pork and Beef

    Most people eat meat because of its taste and the protein it contains. But sadly, cooked meat provides 0% protein. It also takes the body more than 90 hours to digest meat even partially.

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    2. Sugar Products

    Cakes, cookies, pies, crackers and pastries and all sorts of sugary products are low in fiber yet high in fat and sugar. They can only increase the risk of chronic constipation. Anyone who eats desserts and sweet items in abundance is likely to experiences constipation.

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    3. Dairy Products

    According to the American Chronicle, dairy foods such as milk, cheese, butter and ice cream are high in saturated fat and low in fibers. These not only contribute to constipation but can also increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.

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    4. Processed Foods

    This is bad news for fast food lovers. All sorts of processed and refined foods are directly associated with constipation. These foods include pizza, pasta, frozen dinners, corn chips and instant mashed potatoes. Even fries and hamburgers are low in fiber. Processed foods tend to aggravate constipation.

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    5. Caffeine

    Caffeine has a tendency to be dehydrating and can thus highly increase the risk of constipation. Also, coffee, chocolate and black tea should be avoided. Excess cups of coffee can lead to a condition known as caffeinism that includes restlessness, insomnia, increased urination and depression. Caffeine consumption can also raise intraocular pressure.

    To live a healthy life, our bodies need to function properly. To make our digestion smoother, we can avoid the overconsumption of certain foods likes the ones mentioned here.

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