Eco-Nightclub Launches: Dancers Generate Electricity

Eco-Nightclub Launches: Dancers Generate Electricity

Image by Steve&Sara


Eco-clubbers that want to have a good time will be allowed in for £10 and those that can prove they either walked, pedaled a bicycle or used public transport get in for free. Awesome! I suppose I’ll have my bicycle seat with me or maybe the safety chain, in case they need evidence (or if they want a piece of me!)

Based at Bar Surya in Pentonville Road, the club is owned by property millionaire and head of new climate change organization Club4Climate, Andrew Charalambous. The Greek-Cypriot businessman is trying to reach out to young people in an effort to save the world:

“There is no greater platform than clubbing to reach out to young people. Having an energy-generating dancefloor is a very exciting and interesting-idea that we have been talking to people in Rotterdam about. Such a dancefloor could generate about 60 per cent of the building’s energy.”

I really like the idea, but there is one thing that some may not agree with. Apparently everyone needs to sign a pledge promising to work towards curbing climate change. Is it just me or does that sound annoying? Should I be not allowed to have fun, if I don’t sign a piece of paper?

We’ll still give it a try when the new eco-bar opens and probably tell you everything about it!

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We’ll even throw in a free album.