10 Bizarre Ice Cream Flavours


Image: prochoiceva

Especially in the eastern parts of the world, there are some really whacked out ice cream flavours – like ox tongue, raw horseflesh, seaweed, shark fin, whale and goat – that will just take a teeny while longer before they catch on in the West. Here we focus on ten unusual flavours with potential instead. Weird today, mainstream tomorrow. Wouldn’t be the first time.

Without further ado, here’s our Top Ten list of most promising ice creams.

Image: Avlxyz

10. Green tea ice cream

Green tea ice-cream with sweetened red beans at Yamaya, Surfers Paradise, Australia.

You can’t get more health-conscious than eating green tea ice cream. Green tea is not only a healthy and invigorating drink (antioxidising), it also makes for enjoying ice cream without feeling guilty.


Image: dreammymo

9. Garlic ice cream

See, they’re already queuing up – at the Garlic Festival in Saugerties, NY.

Garlic is just garlic. Healthy and stinky, there’s a somewhat rebellious element to eating it. Not to forget the repellent qualities against those pesky visitors from Transylvania either. A sure winner.