The Great Carrot Crunch of 2008
Image from John-Morgan

Facebook is going to end the world: a group of more than a quarter of a million people in the UK are pledging to “panic buy” carrots on the 15th of this month through the social networking site, and it’s leaving grocers in a race to stock up.

While the average person only consumes 10,000 carrots in a lifetime, still a relatively high number, it will all be blown away by the senseless consumption that takes place on Thursday.

According to the Facebook group, the homeless are being taken into consideration during this event: a portion of the carrots are going to be donated to shelters, and of course, since it’s all going to be decentralized, individuals will be free to do whatever they wish with their carrots. Presumably at least some will donate them.

Despite that momentary humanitarian bent, this is a prank at heart– the web page says so very clearly: “I’m not quite sure what the reason behind this is, other than the fact that a global shortage of carrots would be quite a laugh.” Yes, yes it would. Obviously the dimwits haven’t noticed the global food crisis.


We’ll even throw in a free album.