5 Incredible Container Houses

Image: Diamond Geezer

Overpopulation, migration and mobility characterize life and living today. Natural catastrophes frequently leave thousands of people homeless; indeed the very idea of home is less constant and more fluid today than it was just a generation ago, and personal space is now a luxury, making us reflect on how much space we really need.

Container homes are a fast, green, economical and surprisingly flexible alternative to traditional houses as they provide modern dwellings for any household size – from individual to family and community housing. We take a look at five container dwellings that show how living in a steel box can be stylish and environmentally friendly.

Image: DeMaria Design

1. Multi-Container House, Redondo Beach, CA

This luxury beachfront residence was constructed by DeMaria Design and Logical Homes in 2006 using a combination of eight prefabricated, recycled shipping containers of various sizes with traditional building materials. One container even functions as a swimming pool. The house is said to be strong, mold-free, fire- and termite-proof and 70% of its construction occurred off site, therefore reducing construction waste. The architects are also working on more affordable container projects – a community center and multifamily housing.