5 Simple Ways to Go Green and Save the Planet

Cloth BagPhoto: via hometex

Many people around the world have been influenced by the fact that global warming is very very real and very true. Most of the people who aren’t arrogant, lazy or who would read this article and say “I have my reasons” know that they have to preserve the earth for future use by their children and to keep living their own healthy and normal life. There are so many ways to stop from wasting resources on useless things. Down below are six changes people can make to add years to earth’s life and to their own.

The long debate on paper bags and plastic bags is now over. Both have a bad effect on the environment. Two words. Cloth bag. As simple as that. Use a bag made out of old clothes or cloth. It won’t be ripping anytime soon and it not very pollutive. It also gets rid of any rags or other clothes that your teenage kid likes to wear and you don’t like very much.

Green Friendly LunchboxPhoto: via booksandthings

Also to mention, for kids who take paper bags for lunch to school. Get real. There is something called the 21st century and a lunchbox. Easy, right?

VasePhoto: Unknown

What the heck is up with decoration pieces? They fill up your house, they waste resources and they don’t do any movements of any kind. If something has to go, it’s decoration pieces and statues for homes.

Reusable PaperPhoto: via almostalbums

This one’s a biggie. Reuse paper. People all around the world will use another sheet of paper if they notice a small smudge or some other writing on that paper. Paper wasting is the one of the biggest wastes known around the globe.

PrinterPhoto: via cartridgesave

When it comes to technology, you need to be especially careful. First of all, many natural resources go into making the device itself. Secondly, it may be made with natural resources on the verge of drying up. When shopping for a printer, always make sure to buy a brand that guarantees refillable ink cartridges. When shopping for cameras or batteries, buy a battery charger too. Batteries are very dangerous for the environment. We have destroyed most of the land, might as well use water-made electricity for a while.

Just following these five simple steps in your daily life could lead to an improvement in global warming reports. People just need to put their heads to it; it doesn’t even mean people will have to make sacrifices. It’s literally that easy.