5 Tips to Save the Earth and Get Healthy

Organic vegetablesPhoto: Uncleweed

Concerned about the environment and healthy living? Here are five tips on how you can save the earth and live healthy too.

1. Eat like a vegetarian
When you eat a plant-based diet, you stay healthier. You also save the earth. Why? More fruits and vegetables means less packaging. Less packaging means less trash and less production. Going vegetarian also saves the
rainforest from being destroyed for cattle production. This creates less of the ground water pollution generated by grazing and meat production.


2. Walk more
Try to walk or bike nearly everywhere you go. This cuts down on fuel usage to save the planet. It also means less pollution. Guess what? You’ll get healthy too and maybe even lose a few pounds. The fresh air will do your
lungs good too. Our homes are breeding grounds for toxins from
carpets, molds and germs. Air your house out while you walk for an
added health benefit.

Walking on the beachPhoto: Gopal Vijayaraghavan

3. Plant a garden
Eating food from your own garden is a healthy habit. You can control the amount of pesticides and fertilizers in your own food. The fresh produce is
also better for you than that in any store. There is also the benefit of exercising while gardening. Gardening can save the earth too. Why? Less pesticides and fertilizer means less ground water contamination. It also saves on pollution from transporting and producing food.

Beresford Community GardenPhoto: Vickie_ Moore

4. Clean eco-friendly
Using eco-friendly cleaning products keeps chemicals from being washed down
the drain and into our water system. It also keeps the house fume free and keeps your skin from contacting chemicals that can harm you. Cleaning eco-friendly keeps both you and the earth healthy and happy.

Kitchen CountertopsPhoto: Unknown

5. Pack a lunch

How in the world does this help the environment? By packing a lunch, you eat less fast food. That means no driving to buy lunch on your break. It also means less packaging. Your lunch comes in re-usable containers. Fast food does not. A packed lunch is healthier too. You can control the
ingredients, which means less calories and more nutrients.


Green Friendly LunchboxPhoto: unknown