Amazing Japanese Light Ball Universe in Your Bathtub [pics]

Technology infiltrates every part of your house, even your bathroom. Oh yes. The days of the rubber duckie are numbered. We geeks here at Environmental Graffiti love it: this device from Sega Toys brings the universe to your bathtub, where all the stars shine as if they were in the sky.

The Homestar Spa is one of the latest additions to Sega toys’ Homestar range, a set of powerful toy planetariums, which have been around for ages, but are nonetheless absolutely awesome. One of the cool things about it is that if you get bored of the standard planetarium, you can switch to a different setting that lights up your bath with different colored fish or a  bouquet of roses. The device is being launched at the Tokyo Toy Fair, which will be open to the public Saturday and Sunday and is expected to be priced at roughly $70.

Damn, I want one!

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Images via Impress Watch

We’ll even throw in a free album.