Green Your Job: 5 Easy Eco-Friendly Steps

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Think green, act green. This message is not limited to governments alone any more. It has become everyone’s concern to take measures to save the environment as much as we can before it is too late. Each one of us can contribute to make the planet eco-friendly by doing small things on an everyday basis – for example, turning off the computer when it is not in use, switching lights off when no one is in the room, or using recycled paper. Read on to find more measures you can take. These steps will also save you money.

5. Using recycled paper

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Using recycled paper is a big way to save trees. Business cards can be printed on recycled paper. You can also print using a green printer. And you should print only when required and use two-sided printouts. Though these are small steps, if everyone were to follow them across the globe, think how many trees could be saved.

4. Eco-computing

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Turn off your computer when it’s not in use for a long time. The monitor uses around 90% percent of the power used to run the machine. If nothing else, turn off the monitor and put the computer in sleep mode. When you turn off the machine, switch off the main plug as well because it also uses energy. Also, use LCD monitors if you want to save energy. The initial cost may be high but they use a fraction of the energy guzzled by CRT screens.

Only use a monitor, UPS and CPU that are standardized by the government in your country. There is much software available that can be used to save the battery and to better manage power. Software like Granola and BatteryCare, for example. help in saving your battery.

3. Car pooling

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Car pooling is practiced by people who are environmentally friendly. You too can join the team. When going to the office, a party or anywhere for that matter, accommodate more people who have the same route in a single vehicle. This way, many can save fuel. Take turns when car pooling. This way you not only spread less CO2 into the air but you can also save a few bucks.

2. Virtual vs. paper

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Use less paper. This is among the best ways to be eco-friendly. In our modern times, make use of your computer to take notes instead of writing them down on paper. Using word processing software will make your task even simpler as you can use the spell check option. Also, avoid relying on paper bills; instead, make all your payments online.

1. Recycling e-waste

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All you ladies out there won’t feel good after hearing this, but your make-up
contributes to polluting the environment. Cosmetics contain harmful
chemicals that poison the environment. Even electronics that are dumped in the waste are harmful to the environment. Hence, try to avoid throwing these items into the trash. Instead, give them to someone who can recycle them.

These initiatives, if taken consciously, could soon become a part of your routine, and you will not feel a burden in practicing them. This way you are playing an important role in saving the environment and treasuring it for future generations.