New Global Warming Game!

Independent software developer, Midori is actually a really cool duo – a husband and wife team living in Burgundy. What’s more, they’ve released a new environmental game called, “Global Warning,” made for Mac OS X. Global Warning is Midori’s second environmental game following “Recycle,” a game for toddlers teaching the important basics of sorting trash. The new release, Global Warning, was created with the Phelios game engine, PTK and it is rumoured to be “pretty sweet dude.”

New Global Warming Game! By Environmental Graffiti a UK-based environmental blog

With the game Global Warning Midori hopes to spread awareness about global warming and pollution. The game is extremely hard. No let me rephrase that – it’s near impossible, to reflect the difficulty of real life.

Global Warning offers every day advice and tips about how players can act in real life to live a more sustainable, green existence and offers money saving tips. A real educational tool.

You can try out a copy of their game here. Enjoy!