Welcome to the Village Underground


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Image: gillrick

Imagine taking the subway (or underground, as it’s known in London) to work to arrive in an office converted from a subway car perched upon huge Victorian arches with views rivaling those of top executives.

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Image: megapiksel

The Village Underground project in the Shoreditch area of London is where this can happen for lucky artists who acquire studio space within the recycled cars. The subway cars are being placed on top of a old viaducts located on reclaimed land. The space will also include a 4,000 square-foot warehouse that will be used as a performance, art and cultural center.

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Image: squirmelia

The seats have been pulled out to provide adequate workspace and the interiors are getting a complete makeover using sustainable materials. Energy will be provided by carbon neutral resources, such as solar power, and there will be an environmentally-friendly roof-top garden. Not only that but green-fingered artists who grow vegetables on site may even get a free lunch – not something you hear everyday in old London Town.

For more info on The Village Underground, check out their site.

We’ll even throw in a free album.