These 20 Healthy Habits Aren’t As Good For You As You Think

Image: Flickr Creative Commons
Image: natalie/Flickr / Livin’ Spoonful/Flickr / Marcia O’Connor/Flickr / Phil Gradwell/Flickr

Making healthy lifestyle changes is the first step towards living a longer and happier life (with a rockin’ bod to go along with it, obviously). Living healthy isn’t, however, about crash dieting, but changing your habits for the long term. So when you’re getting into a new, wholesome groove, be careful which healthy habits you choose. The following seem super healthy from the outset, but in reality they’re anything but.

Image: Livin’ Spoonful via Flickr
Image: Livin’ Spoonful/Flickr

20. Juice cleanse detoxes

You don’t need to live on liquids to rid your body of toxins. Your kidney and liver – if working properly – already take care of that. Fresh juices pass through your body really quickly, leaving you hungry, while the high sugar content gives you major energy spikes and dips.


Image: Nikolas Moya via Flickr
Image: Nikolas Moya/Flickr

19. Cutting out carbs

Reducing your carb intake can help you shed pounds, but it’s not healthy in the long term. Carbs are packed with fiber (which our bowels need to stay healthy) and are an important source of nutrients such as zinc and B-vitamins. Swap to wholegrain and brown carbs instead.