What Fingers and Toes Can Tell You About Your Health


Image: Jim Champion

Do you take your fingers and toes for granted? Very few of us see them as anything other than parts of the body we use to walk or grip or touch with. However, actually they may point out diseases and how you will do in life!

Podiatrist Dr. Michael Nirenberg says: “Toes talk. They don’t rattle on like some annoying relative. They do often mirror overall health — at times being the first place to show signs of serious medical problems.”

“Nowadays, with MRIs, CT scans, and hundreds of blood tests to choose from, few doctors look at toes,” he adds. “But in ancient times, examining the toes was as important as having patients stick out their tongue.”

Fingers talk as well, even though some of the things they say may be a little more difficult to believe — such as whether or not you are good boss material! Here are 10 of the possible messages our toes and fingers might be sending us.

Image: Jake Wasdin

10. Money Skills

If having a longer ring finger than your index finger means you are more likely to develop prostate cancer, well, the reverse just might be good news regarding your ability to make money. A University of Cambridge study of 49 male traders found that those with longer ring fingers earned 10 times more than those with shorter digits. One of the reasons is that longer ring fingers have been shown to mean “greater fetal exposure to the male hormone androgen, which has been associated with increased aggression.” Who knew?


Image: Maccia Belleti

9. Blood Deficiency

“Believe it or not, the health of your fingers and toes could be a preemptive clue as to the health of your heart. Fingernails and toenails that split, flake or peel could be a sign that you are blood deficient — even if labs show you aren’t anemic,” says Dr. Karen Burris of the American Acupuncture Center.

“Being blood deficient can lead to malnutrition of your external body leaving your hair, skin and nails dry,” she adds. “This malnourishment is also occurring within your body creating a weaker heart, lower blood pressure and fatigue.”