This Is What Your Tongue Reveals About Your Health


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High cholesterol

If your tongue’s hue has changed to purple, your body could be telling you to lower your cholesterol. The unusual shade might otherwise signify chronic bronchitis. Either way, though, going to see the doctor is an absolute must if the organ doesn’t return to normal.

Image: Wikimedia Commons/James Heilman, MD

A fungal infection

Use a chemical-based mouthwash too much, or ingest lots of antibiotics, and your tongue may become coated in a thick layer of white plaque. This is a symptom of oral thrush – a fungal infection that thrives in the humid environment inside your mouth.


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Bad oral hygiene

Left unchecked, the papillae that cover the tongue can become a haven for food-based bacteria. These germs may then start to turn the tongue an unsightly shade of yellowish brown, but you can get rid of it by brushing or scraping.