Spray Painting Your Lawn: America’s Latest Garden Trend

chairPhoto: algiamil

If you live in the hot south, chances are that your lawn looks like the one below. If you have water restrictions in your neck of the woods, chances are that you can’t even dream of having a green lawn.

dead lawnPhoto: mzacha

Consider for a moment that you want to sell your house in a tough economy, sliding home sales, and outsmart the lack of curb appeal. The ideal results would garner your house to look like this once put on the market:

nice housePhoto: rhansman

Desperate times call for desperate measures. So, some creative people in California decided to make huge profits spray painting lawns. The concept is not new. It has been done for many years on astro turf on football fields.

catPhoto: straymuse

The claim is that it is safe for your pets and the environment, but I’m not sold on that idea.

Here are some facts about the spray painting craze for dead lawns (that I found all over the Internet):

  • It lasts for three months
  • It supposedly conserves water because the lawn is dead but looks alive
  • Enhances marketing of your house
  • Restores property value
  • Is non-toxic
  • Safe for Fido and your son Max
  • Costs anywhere from $75 to $500 (per lawn)
  • Takes 30 minutes to dry, after that will not stain
  • Lasts even if it rains or someone leaves the sprinkler on
  • Putting the sprinkler on might convince people the crunchy grass is real!

Who knows? You might be encouraged to sit out on your crunchy, dark green grass and sip some lemonade and watch the world go by!