These 20 People Revealed The Most Depressing Presents They’ve Ever Been Given

Image: via Mandatory

When it comes to gifts, giving is often just as fun as receiving. After all, there’s a certain joy to be had in seeing the delight on someone’s face when they receive the perfect gift. However, not everyone shares that view – in fact, many people are content to put zero effort into gift-giving. And when that happens, the result can often be super depressing. Just take these 20 people, who shared some of the truly tragic gifts they’ve received through their lives – from a dead dog’s bed to a literal stack of job applications.

Image: TonyCable

20. This gift card that wasn’t

My uncle gave me a Xbox Live points card for my birthday, when I went to redeem it, it said card not activated. This happened 2 years in a row until my mom told him about it.

Unfortunately, this story is a lot more telling than it may first appear. Indeed, gift cards are activated by the cashier at the till, suggesting that this gamer’s uncle stole these cards. Of course, if it had just happened once, you could have given him the benefit of the doubt. But two years in a row seems like an unlikely coincidence…