5 Most Popular Pet Snakes

Image: Doug Mong

Pueblan Milk Snake

Snakes are among the most fascinating animals to keep as pets, and with a wide variety of species to choose from, snake lovers may have a tough time time keeping just one type. Though ferocious predators, most snakes can become docile and even friendly with enough handling and good care. Check out these top five favorite serpents, and learn what makes each one so fascinating.

Image: MartinJBernstein

1. Corn Snake

By far the most popular snake in the American exotic pet industry, the corn snake is actually a commonly seen snake in the eastern states, from New Jersey to the Florida Keys. So what makes this species so popular? It is a docile and hardy animal that is easily cared for, yes, but its true appeal lies in its genetic variety. Many corns that carry genetic mutations such as albinoism and hypomelanism exhibit some of the most spectacular colors seen in any snake on earth. The Bloodred morph, for instance, lives up to its name with scales that rival ruby gems in color and intensity. Charcoal corn snakes, on the other hand, lack the red pigments all together and are gorgeous black and ashy colored snakes with pitch black eyes. The Tessera morph, a newly discovered mutation, alters the snakes’s pattern rather than its colors, changing its normally banded saddles to one single stripe down its back. All these genetic mutations may be combined with one another to create new and entirely different colors and patterns, making it the most popular snake for hobbyists and breeders alike.