Dogs Doing The Dumbest Things

Dog and toilet bowlPhoto: Joan ValenciaThe dog days are here

Dog owners will know that though adorable, trusting and great pals most of the time, dogs can do the darndest things. Without a care in the world if they look stupid or not, they look kind of cute all over again. What’s not cute is when stupid things are done to them, like dressing them up and putting them in funny pouches and other contraptions – so you won’t be seeing any of that here. But that still leaves plenty of material given that dogs are funny by nature.

Dogs in a carPhoto:

Sometimes, just being friendly can land a dog in a sticky situation. Andrey explains the next shot: “I am not sure what exactly he did wrong. I figure he tried to hit on this lady but she did not like the [pick-up] line or may be the collar did not match the color of his eyes. Despite being yelled at he kept trying to win the sympathy of the female until I took him away.”

Just trying to be friendly…
Trying to be friendlyPhoto: insane photoholic

Watch out buddy, or this could go wrong too…
Dogs making friendsPhoto: billaday

As dog owners can attest, their pets can display social intelligence that often leaves one baffled. Its likeness is, in fact, quite uncommon in the animal world. One way of learning for dogs is through observation. We can imagine what the dog in the next image was thinking.

Dog treats are over… Let’s order some more

Dog and computerPhoto: Alan Levine

Dogs also learn through simple reinforcement and repetition. Sometimes, a bit of unlearning is required as we can see here.

Someone tell him it’s the cat flap!
Dog in cat flapPhoto: Steve Lacey

Yup, that’s what it looks like on the other side
Dog in cat flapPhoto: Christian Walther

Speaking about this snap dog owner and photographer Christian Walther says: “Mellek used the cat flap while being a puppy, but he simply outgrew it. He just doesn’t realise that he outgrew it. But hey, he can see what’s going on in the room behind the door anyway.”

Dogs also love to play – indoors and outdoors – and especially with toys that are not necessarily meant for them, which can lead to funny situations.

When Poki plays, there’s no stopping him…
Dog playingPhoto: FrANk.H

Bo doesn’t seem too happy going through this pipe but seems resigned to have fun at the dog park.
Dog at dog parkPhoto: blisschan

Dogs also need to be frequently taken out so that they can go and do their jobs, big or small. They pee frequently and use their urine to mark their territory. But sometimes, even this instinctive activity can lead to tricky situations.

Barking up the wrong tree, er, peeing gone wrong:

Dog peeing wrongPhoto: wotthe7734

Well, that’s fine for you but what if I have to pee?
Dog in backpackPhoto: Ed Yourdon

That’s the fitting caption photographer Ed Yourdon made for the picture above. Here’s how this funny situation came about: “This was taken on Broadway, at the southeast corner of 83rd Street. The woman paid no attention to the small white dog (a Maltese?) in the backpack as she chattered away on a cellphone; indeed, I’m surprised that the dog didn’t jump out and go off on his own somewhere.”

The next photo shows an adorable case of doggy car safety in action.


Dog in car seatPhoto:

Apart from rolling in the mud, licking themselves and sleeping, eating and drinking are the favorite activities of dogs. As our very first image has shown, sometimes dogs find unusual sources of water, while others simply trust and wait.

Being thirsty is bad but is this such a good idea?
Dog in bathtubPhoto: Jono Rotten

Some dogs seem to be health conscious and eat anything from carrots and cabbage to apples, celery and cucumbers.

Mom, I’ve gone vegetarian
Dog and cucumberPhoto: nao-cha

We’re not quite sure what’s funny about the next image but there’s something about the determination and joy with which dogs do the things they do – like jumping into a lake – that made us include it.

Dog jumping into lakePhoto: Mattias Johansson

Though dogs might not always strike the best figure when going about their business, one thing is for sure – they are a source of never-ending entertainment.

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