The 25 Longest-Living Dog Breeds in the World

Image: Loganandgarth/Wikimedia Commons

As anyone who’s successfully nagged their parents for a pet pooch knows, dogs are as fun as they are loyal. Choosing the right one, though, can be difficult. As well taking into consideration size and temperament, you’ll naturally want to make sure that your new addition to the household will be around for a while. And while some pedigrees have too-short lives, all things being equal the following 25 breeds are almost guaranteed to reach a ripe-old age.

Image: Rob Hanson/Wikimedia Commons

25. Pomeranian

Maximum age: 16 years
Average age: 14 years

These pint-sized dogs pack a lot of attitude into a tiny package. Boasting a string of famous past owners, including Mozart, Michelangelo and Queen Victoria, Pomeranians are smart, sociable and make for great family pets.