The Amazing History of the Sandwich

The Amazing History of the Sandwich

Photo: Ollie Palmer

One of the most popular types of food is the sandwich but few people are aware of its origin. Sandwiches existed long before they were named this way, and the first sandwich seems to have appeared 100 years B.C. during the Easter fasting when a rabbi though about eating matzo (some kind of ancient bread) with apple slices and nuts.

The first time it was named sandwich was back in 1726 when the inventor of the sandwich, John Montague, the fourth earl of Sandwich, who was a heavy gambler and was spending endless hours playing cards, kept asking for bread, cheese and meat. Because he kept the cards in one hand, he had to use the other one to eat, so he though about placing the cheese and the meat between the slices of bread. The other players saw the earl’s invention and started asking about the same type of food, calling it “Sandwich’s”.

Club-sandwich.jpgPhoto: unknown

In 1827, sandwiches were introduced in cooking books and by 1900, they were already famous in the United States. The most beloved sandwich here is peanut butter and jelly sandwich, which was created by the soldiers fighting in the Second World War. Another famous recipe is the one created by Elvis Presley, containing fried peanut butter and bananas.