15 Awesome Geek-Themed Wedding Rings


Image: Etsy/SketchyStories

When traditional romantic staples like flowers, chocolates, smooth jazz and diamond rings won’t do, certain segments of the population know exactly where to turn. People who could perhaps be described as having somewhat geeky tendencies have been creating jewelry inspired by video games, comic books, movies and TV shows for a while now. As pop culture and fashion continue to celebrate the geek, could classic rings be on their way out, with something a little different soon to take their place? Here’s a look at 15 awesomely geeky wedding rings.

Image: CustomMade.com/Paul Bierker

15. R2-D2

You don’t need to go to a galaxy far, far away to pick up this Star Wars-inspired piece of jewelry. Created by Paul Bierker of Pittsburgh-based Paul Michael Design, these handcrafted R2-D2 wedding bands are available in palladium, platinum or white gold and can be customized for brides and grooms alike. These babies might not be affordable on a droid’s salary – they’re priced between $1,550 and $3,700 on CustomMade.com – but whoever wears one will feel out of this world. One ring purchaser raved, “I proposed on August 31, 2013… and I have never seen her happier, in part because R2-D2 is her all-time favorite character.”


Image: Zsolt Székely

14. The Legend of Zelda

Toronto-based goldsmith Zsolt Székely is capitalizing on Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda series with these rings – which may one day become as legendary as the iconic game on which they’re based. They are made of yellow and white ten-karat gold, feature a Triforce emblem, and are engraved with the classic line, “It’s dangerous to go alone,” a sentiment that old-school gamers should find positively romantic. Székely says that recreating these rings could cost up to $1,150, but that’s a minuscule price to pay when you consider what it’s worth for fans of the game to be linked to Link until death do them part.