10 Coolest Links of the Week

10 Coolest Links of the Week

Karl Fabricius
Karl Fabricius
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dog with prosthetic legsPhoto: via Neatorama

An awesome article about animals with prosthetics is the first of many cool links to take is into 2012!

10 Amazing Stories of Animal Prosthetics (Neatorama)

Awesome Solar-Powered Star Trek Mailbox! [Pic] (Geeks Are Sexy)

How Do Magic Eye Pictures Work? (Mental Floss)

The Wonder Of Ice Caves (The Presurfer)

8 Simple Steps to Achieve Your Travel Goals (Vagabondish)

Realistic Insects Folded from a Single Sheet of Paper (Oddity Central)

Secret A-12 Avenger II Stealth Aircraft Canopy Appears on eBay (Urban Ghosts)

The Best of “Dark Roasted Blend” in 2011 (Dark Roasted Blend)

10 Deadliest Snipers of World War II (Military Education)

Flying Spaghetti Monster Christmas Lights (Found S***)