10 Hottest Links of the Week

10 Hottest Links of the Week

Photo: via Oddity Central

Travel madness afflicts us in this week’s ten hottest links of the week as we check out strange events and wonderful places from around the world, with a wee bit of design ingenuity and a glimpse into the past – and future – for good measure!

Japan’s Pig Rodeo: Animal Cruelty or Just Plain Fun? (Oddity Central)

Pico Cão Grande: The Dark Tower – Found! (Dark Roasted Blend)

10 Massive Screw-Ups in Paleontology (Neatorama)

Google’s Secret Lair Uncovered (Geeks Are Sexy)

14 Creative and Clever Soaps (Mental Floss)

Cool Rotary Telephone Lamp (Found S***)

UK Harrier Jump Jets to Fly Again… in America (Urban Ghosts)

The Bolivian Hotel Made Entirely From Salt (Vagabondish)

Super Awesome Island! (UniqueDaily)

Buzludzha Monument: Abandoned Relic Of Bulgaria’s Communist Past (The Presurfer)