7 Coolest Links of the Week

7 Coolest Links of the Week

Karl Fabricius
Karl Fabricius
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HotelPhoto: Andy Carvin via The Presurfer

People really will shack up in the strangest of places. Check out this and other cool links we found this week…

10 Amazingly Strange Places People Live (The Presurfer)

Vespa Rocking Horse (Found S***)

How Viruses Invade Your Body [VID] (Geeks Are Sexy)

Corroding Military Vehicles Discovered in Abandoned Subterranean Bunker (Urban Ghosts)

The Political History of the Potato (Neatorama)

Japan’s Creepy Cowboy Theme Park (io9)

16 Funniest Photoshopped Looter and Rioter Images (This Blog Rules)