10 Coolest Links of the Week

Mig25 buried in iraqPhoto: U.S. Air Force via Urban Ghosts

Tasty morsels of linky goodness from around the globe in the week’s collection of the coolest stories we could find…

Buried MiG-25 Foxbat Jet Uncovered in Iraqi Desert (Urban Ghosts)

Crafting With Cat Hair? (Neatorama)

Jaccuzzi Suspended from Bridge 600ft Above a Void (Found S***)

Glorious Socialism: Chinese Ladies in Propaganda Posters (Dark Roasted Blend)

Firefighters Give Dog Mouth-To-Mouth! (UniqueDaily)

Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera (The Presurfer)

Incredible Photographs Look Like Traditional Chinese Paintings (Oddity Central)

Square Root [Pic] (Geeks Are Sexy)

World’s First Tourist Spaceport Opens (Vagabondish)

13 Epic Pumpkin Carvings (Mental Floss)