10 Coolest Links of the Week

tattoo sketchPhoto: (((o.kvlt))) via Vagabondish

Who knew Salvador Dali created interpretations of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland? Not us, until now. This and much more… Pickled tattoo with that, sir?

Pickled Human Flesh at Amsterdam’s Tattoo Museum (Vagabondish)

Mind-Blowing Mosaics Created from Thousands of Naked Bodies (Oddity Central)

10 Celebrity Beverages (Mental Floss)

Salvador Dali’s “Alice in Wonderland” (Geeks Are Sexy)

6 Freakishly Effective Ways to Court the Muse (Neatorama)

Cool Paper Privacy Shell for Two (Found S***)

The $3 Million RV! (ManCertified)

Awesome Surreal Art: Glass Garage Gallery (Dark Roasted Blend)

The Truth about Ranking in Google (Rankpop)

Midnight Rider: The World’s Largest Limousine (The Presurfer)