10 Hottest Links of the Week

yeti crabPhoto: via Geeks Are Sexy

A crab that cultivates and consumes its own bacteria and nine other awesome (and slightly less icky!) links…

Yeti Crabs Eat Bacteria Grown on Their Arms (Geeks Are Sexy)

Beautiful Pictures of Destroyed Technology (Mental Floss)

Gigantic Piece Of Driftwood Washed Ashore (The Presurfer)

The Artist Who Paints Using Remote-Controlled Toy Cars (Oddity Central)

Ultra Rigs of the World (Dark Roasted Blend)

The World’s Tackiest Souvenirs (Vagabondish)

Bizarre Looking Hairpiece Stools (Found S***)

10 Historical Figures Who Masqueraded as Members of the Opposite Sex (Fun Links Daily)