10 Hottest Links of the Week

carinaPhoto: NASA via Dark Roasted Blend

From the utter beauty of outer space to the giant satellite dishes that help us scope out what’s out there… Ten smokin’ links…

The Most Incredible Space Imagery You’ll See All Year (Dark Roasted Blend)

11 Things Germier Than Toilet Seats (Mental Floss)

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Awesome Hammock Row Boat Hybrid (Found S***)

The Focara of Novoli: Italy’s Giant Bonfire (Oddity Central)

Boats In Clear Water Look As If They Float In The Air (The Presurfer)

Alternative Accommodations to Catch Some Shuteye [Gallery] (Vagabondish)

Space Invader Graffiti Wall [Pic] (Geeks Are Sexy)

Romantic Ruins: The Lonely Abandoned Cottages of Britain and Ireland (Urban Ghosts)

10 Largest Satellite Dishes on Earth (Infinitydish)