10 Hottest Links of the Week

Galapagos dominance displayPhoto: Lightmatter via The Presurfer

Tortoises to begin with and turtles to end on in this week’s hottest links of the week – with lots of juicy goodness in between all that shell action! (Not that we’re advocating eating tortoises, of course…).

10 Longest Animal Lifespans (The Presurfer)

Extraordinary Microscope Photography (Neatorama)

Have Fun Gettin’ Down! [Vertigo-Inducing Pic] (UniqueDaily)

Beautiful Star Wars Toy Photography (Geeks Are Sexy)

Angola’s Abandoned Former Portuguese Theater (Urban Ghosts)

West Virginia’s Road Kill Festival (Vagabondish)

Muhammad Ali Portrait Created from 1,300 Punching Bags (Found S***)

Russian Couple Build Their Own Fairy Tale Castle (Oddity Central)

Surreal Body Part Montages (This Blog Rules)

Ancient and Marvelous Turtles (Dark Roasted Blend)