2011 Japan Earthquake and Tsunami: Images in the Wake of the Disaster

Image 1Photo: DVIDSHUBAn aerial view of debris, inspected by a helicopter based search team

Earthquakes and tsunamis are among the most frightening natural phenomena. If a severe earthquake or tsunami occurs in a densely populated area, it can practically swallow the city. This is what recently happened in Japan.

On March 11, 2011, an 8.9 magnitude earthquake hit off the east coast of Japan, followed by a disastrous tsunami. It was the largest ever earthquake in Japan’s recorded history. Houses, cars and much else were washed away by high tsunami waves. There has been a massive power failure in most of the country.

Japanese officials confirmed that radioactive materials have leaked into the atmosphere, following a fire at reactor number 4 at the Fukushima power plant. Here are some of the images from Japan after the ferocious tsunami and earthquake hit, causing many injuries, fires and massive disaster.

Image 2Photo: DVIDSHUB

A fishing boat is noticeably out of place after being swept ashore during the massive tsunami.

Image 3Photo: DVIDSHUB

An upside-down house lies among much other debris. This city was very beautiful only a week ago, before it collapsed due to the earthquake.

Image 4Photo: Official U.S. Navy Imagery

Damaged water pipes shoot water into the air after the earthquake.

Image 5Photo: Official U.S. Navy Imagery

An aerial view of damage to Wakuya, Northern Japan. A tsunami doesn’t take long to turn a city into a pile of debris.

Image 6Photo: Official U.S. Navy Imagery

Another image from Wakuya, Japan. The earthquake was very powerful. Many people are believed to be buried and many are missing across the country.

Image 7Photo: Official U.S. Navy Imagery

Aerial view of Sendai, Japan, after the earthquake and tsunami. The huge tide just appears to eat anything in its path.

Image 8Photo: Official U.S. Navy Imagery

A mud- and petroleum-covered chair lying on the streets of Hachinohe, Japan. Sources say that the tsunami has hit the coast of Hokkaido, Chiba, Ibaraki, Aomori Pref and Tokyo Bay.

Image 9Photo: Fox News Insider

Tons of debris filled up in a canal in the downtown area of Ofunato, Japan. It was one of the worst ever earthquakes in Japanese history. Only five other recorded earthquakes on earth have been as powerful as this one.

Image 10Photo: DVIDSHUB

A fishing vessel lies deep in the woods in Hachinohe, Japan. The quake and the tsunami were so powerful that the Japanese nuclear power stations had to shut down immediately. Four other nuclear plants close to Japan also shut down for safety reasons.

Image 11Photo: DVIDSHUB

Remains of a house lie in the rubble. The tsunami that swallowed the city was higher than some Pacific Islands.

Image 12Photo: DVIDSHUB

The remains of houses that were swept away by a tsunami waves in Ofunato, Japan. The waves were 4-10 meters high and caused the buildings to shake violently.

Image 13Photo: DVIDSHUB

Two vehicles remain awkwardly entwined in the wake of the massive tsunami that hit the Hachinohe port area.

The full extent of the damage is not yet known. But the quake was said to be centered about 80 miles east of Japan. Our deepest condolences to those affected by this quake and the tsunami. We hope that they will be able to recover soon.