75 Russian Swimmers Poisoned At Water Park

Last Wednesday in St. Petersburg, at least 75 swimmers were poisoned by chlorine in the city’s largest aqua park: Waterville.

water parkImage by Eupator

162 people sought medical attention after they felt burning in their eyes and throats. There were also reports of vomiting, according to Artyom Bakonin – the lawyer of one of the families, who will be claiming hundreds of thousands of rubles in compensation.

Despite this, the proprietors of the water park have claimed on their website that:

“The composition of the water completely met sanitary norms. The water was tested as normal, every three hours, and no violation of norms was registered”

The water park’s administration further claimed that the reaction was caused by “allergies” linked to the swimmers’ sensitive reactions to the chemical.

Russian Consumer’s Watch (RCW) have initiated a detailed inspection of the water park. The organization has taken samples of water for chemical and microbiological tests and has closed the park until the results from the test come to light.
Meanwhile, the prosecutors have begun a criminal case against the park’s administration.

Info via St Petersburg Times