Facts and Myths about the Japanese Nuclear Disaster

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Chances are highly likely you have watched at least one hour of news coverage of the nuclear disaster and tsunami in Japan. It may now be in your verbal repertoire to discuss such highly unusual subjects as nuclear energy, nuclear explosions, cooling units and meltdown of nuclear plants, iodine packs and how nuclear exposure affects the body. What is occurring in Japan right now will eventually affect everyone worldwide. As to the extent and how much remains to be seen.

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Patient’s skin is burned in a pattern corresponding to the dark portions of a kimono worn at the time of the nuclear explosion.

What Nuclear Plants were Affected and Where Exactly are They?

There were two nuclear plants that were seriously affected by the tsunami. One is located in the Senai area, which infamously will be known as ground zero for the tsunami. It was the hardest hit. It is called Fukushima Daiichi – literally, Fukushima Number 1 – and has six units, each housing its own nuclear reactor. Only the first three units were working when the quake struck.