Illegal Gold Diggers Cut Water Supply to 15 Thousand People

In the most remote corners of Guyana near the Brazilian border, there has been a mini gold-rush – oh…and diamond rush. Roads are left half-excavated. Deep trenches are scattered near the border. Yes, it turns out that the gold diggers have not only been scouring the earth for precious metals and rocks, but have knocked out water supplies to thousands.

Illegal Gold Diggers Cut Water Supply to 15,000 by Environmental Graffiti a UK based Environmental Blog

The problem has is bad, that the Guyanese authorities have had to travel to the remote mining town of Mahdia to stop the miners in their tracks. Public Works Minister Robeson Benn said, “No mining of roadways will be allowed. This is unlawful.”

The worst part of the affair is that instead of repairing the old roads, the authorities have decided to cut new paths through swathes of jungle due to the extensive costs of repairing the roads. The authorities claim that this will also limit further problems linked with illegal mining. However, cutting down huge areas of jungle, replacing foliage with tarmac will not only be ugly. It will have serious environmental and ecological consequences.