Welcome to the Brand New Environmental Graffiti


environmental graffitiPhoto:
Image by Juria Yoshikawa

I know we haven’t published anything for a week or so, but that’s because we graffiti artists have been busy at work creating the brand new layout of Environmental Graffiti – we hope you like it! The design was created by Antonello Romano (graphic design) and implemented by Alfred Armstrong’s Likemind (web development company). They are both awesome and I’d highly recommend them. We’d also really appreciate your feedback. Here are some of the new things coming up:

  • Because we find more cool news than we can actually write about, we have added a new senior writer called Linda McCormick. Linda will use her ninja skills to uncover the latest and weirdest environmental news stories from around the globe. Linda’s previous print and online journalistic experience, along with a penchant for the bizarre and uncanny, means that we’ll have lots more cool content and that:
  • The amount of daily articles will go up, (our best content will go into the featured category).
  • We’re going to have a weekly contest and more interactive thingy-magigs.

We’re also working on a private beta, which has everything from the ability to create profiles to subscribing to news sources and even creating your own blog. This should open in Sept/Oct – feel free to sign up here.

I’d also like to thank a few people:

Robin Bennett

About him

Robin is a great musician: he used to be signed to Virgin with a band called Goldrush and is now in a band called The Champions of the World. He also runs a couple of big festivals, notably Truck and Wood.

How we met

I met Robin at a festival called Two Thousand Trees. I had a crappy stall there made of recycled bits of plywood from my garage, so he came up to me and told me just how crappy it was. We had a massive argument, but then quickly realised we had a lot in common and became great friends!

Why I’m grateful to him

Robin took pity on me and put me up in his office for a year. He’s always been kind and patient and given us a lot of support. He’s also a big environmentalist. Without his help, I don’t think Environmental Graffiti would be around today.

Joe and Claire Bennett

About them

Joe and Claire are a super cool couple. Joe is Robin’s brother and used to be in Goldrush and is now in the Champions of the world. Claire is an awesome graphic designer and together with Joe, they run Truck.

They’ve given me a lot of support through the last year and for that I’m really grateful.

My Dad

As I’m only 20, it was really difficult to get going on a big project like EG. My old man, who is already up to his eyeballs in work running professional services PR company Spada, not only provided me with extremely helpful advice (and continues to), but also funded the creation of the website. Thanks Dad, you rule!


Without you guys coming to read the site, it wouldn’t be here today. I love ya all!!!!

We’ll even throw in a free album.