The 10 Most Dangerous Female Criminals Locked Up In Maximum Security Prisons

Image: via GadgetsGirls / via Global News

When it comes to society’s most evil and dangerous criminals, it’s easy to just think of men as the perpetrators of the worst crimes. But while the majority of violent offenses are committed by men, women can also commit depraved and shocking acts. And that’s when the state has to step in and lock them up for life. Here are ten of the world’s most infamous female prisoners.

Image: via Pontlotú
Image: via Global News

10. Renée Acoby, Canada

As of 2017, Renée Acoby holds the dubious distinction of being the sole female dangerous offender in all of Canada. “Dangerous offender” is a recognized Canadian legal term. A convicted criminal categorized as such can be put in jail for an indefinite period. But just what has Acoby done to belong to this ill-starred club?